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  • - What is love?

    - Baby don’t hurt me~

    - What is love - Kiesza

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  • mayuyu doesn’t like couples

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    [HEADPHONE] Silence In Sorrow | JuriRena

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  • [HEADPHONE] Silence In Sorrow | JuriRena

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    Ponytail Nyan Nyan 

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    Heads up on Rena’s situation!


    (About the hand・ω・shake event)

    It’s Rena(・ω・) 

    Today I had to suspend midway my participation in the handshake event.
    My back - which got injured the other day - isn’t getting any better and, discussing with Mr. Imamura, we reached the conclusion that: “Instead of keeping to work hard risking for the condition to worsen, it’s better to rest, prioritizing the chance of getting better as soon as possible”.

    The back pain is invisible to the eye, so I ended up making those who came today worry, thinking that maybe I wasn’t feeling well…I even had to delay the start of the second session of 30 minutes.
    There are many people who were unable to meet me due to the interruption of my participation.
    I’m incredibly sorry.

    Some of you probably already know it, but I happened to injure my back in the past as well. 
    That time I did really all that I could…I used taping, training…I endured the pain drinking medicines and I appeared in a concert… 
    Recently the situation seemed to have calmed down, but the problems in the lower back come and goe strangely,  and if I move too much it ends up hurting because it gets irritated.
    I’ve had pain in my back ever since grade school so I do know, to a certain extant, how to deal with it, but if I have to dance, stand up or sit down for a long period, I can’t avoid the burden on the back in any way.

    There’s a handshake event next week as well.
    I’ll do what I can so that I’ll get better for that and that I’ll be able to meet you all with a smile.
    I know I’m causing you to worry, but please don’t, because leaving aside the back I’m even too healthy!


    A-ahnnn T____________T
    ;___; Take care! take careeeeee! rest! and get well! >____<

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    (About the ・ω・ handshake event)

    Rena speaking (・ω・)

    Today I had to suspend my participation to the event halfway.
    My back that had tormented me the other day hasn’t completely healed and when I consulted Imamura-san he decided that 「Rather than having you force yourself…

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    Sakura no Hanabiratachi: Was your graduation a happy memory or a sad one? Or if you’re still in school, is it something you look forward to or dread?
    Skirt, Hirari: How old were you when you first fell in love?

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